Vehicle Inspection

We can ensure your fleet is always safe.

Monitor the inspections

By using XELD you will be able to electronically fill out and complete the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) required by FMCSA. The driver creates DVIR on mobile and the fleet manager can monitor if there are any issues and check the uploaded photos on the web application. Fix the problems in a timely manner and make sure your vehicle is safe.

Complete a DVIR in a matter of seconds

Our mobile application is easy to use so drivers can easily check if there are any defects, write important comments and upload photos, all this in less than a minute. Templates are ready for pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and they enable the driver to easily mark defects and quickly generate a DVIR report.

Reduce maintenance costs, prevent major breakdowns

Reduce paperwork and avoid mistakes with this feature. The fleet managers can now resolve vehicle inspections with all required fields quite easily and also observe which defects should be fixed and which have already been fixed.

Maintain the vehicles health easily

The Vehicle Inspection feature helps fleets in identifying any vehicle or trailer-related defects, allowing them to ensure their equipment is in good condition. This enables drivers to deliver the freight on time and gives both the drivers and fleet managers peace of mind.

Improve compliance with FMCSA regulations

Drivers must fill out DVIR on a daily basis to stay compliant with FMCSA rules. The fleet manager can easily see if the driver has done a vehicle inspection in time or if DVIR is missing. If there is any defect when a driver has filed the DVIR report, you will receive an immediate alert so you can address the issue as soon as possible.

Reduce the risk of non-compliance

When a driver fills out the DVIR, the fleet manager receives instant information on vehicle or trailer defects. This way, the fleet manager ensures that drivers are compliant and, if necessary, schedules mechanics at the right time.

Check defect status

Monitor each vehicle's defect status. Get a complete picture of your vehicle's condition and check for any defects that require mechanical inspection. Once the defects are fixed, the fleet manager can simply change the status and mark the defects as fixed.

Maintained vehicles, safe drivers

Be aware of your vehicle's condition with XELD. With it, fleet managers will easily monitor for defects that need to be fixed and schedule maintenance in a timely manner. Save time and focus on growing your business with a paperless DVIR.