It's time to lower costs, simplify operations,
and move your business forward.
All-in-one platform.

Keep your vehicles well maintained.


Prevent violations by solving the problems in advance easily.

With intelligent alerting, you’ll never miss critical information.

A single spot for real-time data.


All companies in one place.


Know when an ELD device is unplugged from vehicles.

Share important information with third parties.

Track progress, check load status, and deliver on time.


Utilize data efficiently with XELD.


We can ensure your fleet is always safe with us.

Keep your trucks in excellent condition.

Optimize asset usage.


Managing driver compliance made simple.


Monitor activity within a defined area with instant alerts.

Improve fleet safety by monitoring and managing risky driving behavior.

Access all the crucial statistical parameters for managing fuel.

Gain full visibility of all driving activities at any time.