Smart Dashboard

A single spot for real-time data.

Get all crucial data in one place

All the essential information for Fleet and Safety management is displayed in a single window. With it, you will increase driver productivity by monitoring statuses and cycles, and deliver goods more quickly by keeping an eye on traffic congestion.

All relevant vehicle data in one place

Stay on top of vehicle status, driver duty status, current location and speed, the most recent ELD sync, and any potential vehicle fault codes directly from XELD Dashboard! You can see which vehicles have unidentified driving in progress status at the top of the Dashboard list, allowing your fleet to contact the driver straight away.

HOS violations are no longer an issue

You can check the remaining HOS time until the next break, summary details, and for team drivers the driver that is currently driving, all in the Dashboard Drivers list. Pay close attention to the details associated with the most recent sync and verify that the driver is securely connected to the ELD. You can call drivers immediately from the Dashboard if they are highlighted at the top when they are in a HOS violation or close to one.

Boost fleet efficiency

By keeping track of all unwanted driver behavior over the previous eight days in a single tab users will increase fleet productivity and efficiency significantly. Use the Form and Manner errors option to check whether drivers have entered the shipment paperwork, trailer documentation, and certified logs.

Everything on one map

All of your assets are displayed on a single map. Users can also check if a truck or trailer has an ELD or GPS device assigned, as well as the real-time location, speed, and status. The entire fleet's vehicle and driver status is displayed, along with a list of all the drivers who are currently behind the wheel.

Personalized dashboard map

You can select the satellite, roadmap, or terrain map type that you prefer from the adjustable Dashboard map. Select the companies and groups checkbox to monitor only the assets and drivers you want. On the Dashboard map, you can locate the closest Weigh Stations, CATScale, Pilot & Flying J, or Love's stations and view the current cost of fuel.