Track progress, check load status, and deliver on time.

Track your loads in a smarter way

Whether a driver is in a pickup or has completed a delivery, you'll receive instant event notifications with each change. By having this information you'll easily optimize your routes. Now you can track vehicles and cargo, and always know that delivery will be on time.

Avoid delivery delays

Always be up to date with your delivery. Our smart calculation system will provide you with information about potential delivery delays in advance. This is achieved by analyzing the current location of the vehicle and the locations of each load to be delivered. In addition, having them delivered on time, reduces potential delay costs, which is one of the ultimate goals.

Organize your documents and loads with ease

During load pickup or delivery, the driver can easily add documents and photos to have confirmation of the completed job. The fleet manager can view or download all files directly from the dispatch board at any time. They can also check the Broker Load number, Vehicle Location, as well as current Load and Route Status. The Vehicle Status can also be seen from the Dispatch Board, so you can make sure it's ready for the next load and have a stress-free loads organization.

Follow the route progress

XELD sophisticated software calculates the current speed, the location of the vehicle as well as the final destination. With the Route Status option, the fleet managers can track whether the driver arrives at the location on time or if there is a possibility of delay. And all this in a completely automatic way, without additional and complicated route calculations.

Be mobile and efficient

Communication between drivers and dispatchers is so much easier with this feature. The driver receives instant notifications when a new load is created via the web application. In the driver's mobile app, it is easy to fill in all the required information and upload documents in just a few clicks. On the other side, the fleet manager and dispatcher receive information and documents in the web app. So, there won't be any space for confusion and miscommunication.