Unidentified Driving in Progress

Prevent violations by solving the problems in advance easily.

Boost the safety of your drivers

With this feature, users can spot Unidentified Driving in real-time. With our organized list of vehicles with an Unidentified Driving event in progress, they can see them at the top and never miss such an event.

Contact your driver on time

Use the XELD app to call a driver right away once Unidentified Driving in Progress is spotted. Check the driver to see whether he missed connecting the ELD, lost internet, or has any other connection issues, and be able to provide help if needed.

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions

To make the process easier and faster, we've enabled getting direct info from our Dashboard. Users will have insight into all Unidentified Driving events from the last eight days and in this way create a plan to reduce these events.