Utilize data efficiently with XELD.

Improve fleet productivity with XELD

Reports are crucial for your trucking business. XELD Reports feature is equipped with comprehensive analysis data and reports system. With a neat reporting system such as ours, your operational efficiency will be much increased.

Advanced asset reports

Get a clear picture of performance and monitor asset events acquired by both ELD and GPS devices. Choose from 10+ asset reports for your vehicle or trailer needs. The smart IFTA mileage report calculates the distance traveled for each state. With Utilization reports, you can easily extract reports and get information that will help you to evenly distribute the loads in the vehicles. Draw attention to idle vehicles and trailers with inactivity reports. With our idling report, find out which truck is not being used efficiently and improve the utilization of your fleet.

All reports in one place

Our advanced reporting system helps you improve fleet efficiency significantly. With it, you can track all driver activities and vehicle events. What is also important is that you will eliminate unnecessary paperwork and reduce audit risk by using our advanced calculations for each report.

Track driver behavior

Monitor drivers with HOS violations, Form & Manner Errors, and HOS Summary reports with daily reports. Easily catch drivers violating the HOS rules and driving recklessly. By using our Driver report, you will eliminate unsafe behavior and give guidance for improvement, thus improving the overall drivers’ safety.

Obtain offline reports

Thanks to our all-in-one application all relevant data can be obtained quickly and easily. Download your reports in PDF or CSV formats and analyze them even without being online. Use it for business presentations or anywhere you don't have internet access.