With intelligent alerting, you'll never miss critical information.

Instant information about fleet efficiency

It has never been easier to monitor fleet performance and boost operational efficiency thanks to our cutting-edge alerting system. By making custom alerts, you'll never miss vital information regarding driver behavior or vehicle operations again.

All crucial notifications sent instantly

All key events will be immediately sent to you either through the app, by email, or via SMS. Select from more than 15 different alert types to identify active fault codes, reported defects, HOS violations by drivers, vehicles entering Geofence areas, approaching maintenance due dates, and much more.

Configure the alerts according to your needs

You can easily generate a new alert and modify it to meet the requirements of your fleet. You have the option to receive the alert only for specific assets and drivers, or for the entire fleet. In this way, you won't become overloaded with information that isn't relevant.

Reduce the time spent on resolutions

Choose the alerts' trigger time and customize each alert type. When you receive a notification, start the resolution process right away and improve driver safety, maintain vehicle health, or inform a client of an upcoming delivery.

An advanced warning system to improve operating efficiency

Monitor fleet performance and get a complete insight into driver behavior and vehicle health with the customizable alert system. Thanks to the XELD Alerts feature users can rest assured their fleets will only grow bigger in time.