Monitor activity within a defined area with instant alerts.

Have your fleet under control

Geofence alerts are set by location and time. You will be notified once a vehicle enters or exits a location, or if a vehicle was in the marked area for a longer period of time than it was supposed to. Get instant notifications or SMS about every change or track them from the Dashboard and our Geofence tab.

User-friendly and efficient

With this function, delivery preparation is simplified. Since you'll know the location of the truck, you'll know when your vehicle is getting close to a customer. Thanks to this, you can keep track of it and contact the broker. Customers on the other side can keep track of the driver and receive notifications as they come close to the destination. Additionally, you can create a geofence around areas that vehicles shouldn't enter and receive a notification if it happens.

Always stay a step ahead

With the XELD Geofence feature, you only need to look up your location on our map and mark it. You have the option of searching by address, city, state, or simply selecting a yard. You can also choose a geofence shape of a circle, rectangle, or polygon after selecting your area.