Live Sharing

Share important information with third parties.

Fleets and brokers collaborating smoothly

With the Live Sharing feature, your clients can know at all times the exact location of the vehicle, the status of the vehicle, and the time of arrival. Thanks to this, you can speed up the communication process since it allows load tracking in real time for both brokers and fleet managers.

Link Sharing - as easy as ever

In our application, you can view all or just one vehicle with a simple link, and track its live speed and location. You just need to set the amount of time you want the link to last, and after that, it won't be available to the third party. Users can create it directly from the Dispatch Board and share it with whom needed.

Cancel links any time you need to

If you made a mistake, entered the wrong data, etc. - no worries! You can delete the link before the expiration time and you can cancel it at any time, in which case the link will no longer be valid.

Share details with the broker

Track paperwork and vehicles digitally. With our option, your broker will have information about Vehicle ID, Driver’s Name, Current Location, and Vehicle status (in motion or stationary).