Drivers Risk Score

Improve fleet safety by monitoring and managing risky driving behavior.

Track major events

Using the XELD Drivers Risk Score feature will enable having a clear and understandable view of driver behavior using performance indicators. This allows fleet managers to integrate the data into their driver coaching and safety management programs.

Scorecards allow fleet managers to customize scorecards based on your fleet's key metrics, view the scorecard from the driver or vehicle perspective, and score each driver or vehicle based on the number of driving violations compared to the traveled distance. In addition to this, they can go to a specific driver or vehicle to learn more about each violation that affects the score.

Customize scorecards based on your fleet's main indicators

Fleet Managers will be able to monitor and track all important events related to their drivers and vehicles using the Drivers Risk Score feature. Important events include hard braking, hard turns, hard acceleration, idle time, and speeding.

The user decides:
WHICH safety events are calculated by using a slider that allows them to turn events on or off, and add the IMPACT of the safety event to the calculation by using a scale from 1 to 3, where 1 represents Low Impact, 2 Medium Impact, and 3 High Impact.

Your fleet is safe with us

Using the data provided by this feature, fleet managers will be able to identify risky driving behavior and work with those drivers on improving it. Aside from safety, lowering hard events can help you save money on overall vehicle maintenance.