ELD Unplugged Events

Know when an ELD device is unplugged from vehicles.



Receive instant notifications when the ELD device is unplugged

If an ELD unplugged event occurs, you will be immediately informed about the problem and the vehicle in question. Users can view the last location of the vehicle and information about the driver directly from the dashboard. By having insight into this, you will improve the safety of your fleet and prevent potential problems with the XELD solution.

Instantly obtain reports about unplugged events

Get a detailed report on all unplugged events for all your vehicles. All you need to do is select the desired period and you will have crucial data for IFTA fuel tax reports calculations.

Have information about miles driven when ELD unplugged event occurred

You don’t have to worry about the time, location, and odometer while the ELD is unplugged. The moment the device is reconnected, the XELD app will calculate how many miles have been driven since the ELD was unplugged and give a complete overview of your traveled miles.