XELD Dashcam

Gain full visibility of all driving activities at any time.

Unparalleled AI precision

With the XELD Dashcam feature, users can choose which type of camera they want to use. They catch both the events ahead of the vehicle and the in-cab events, capturing the drivers' behavior.

Real-time visibility for your fleet

The Live Stream option lets users watch a live stream directly from the XELD. This way, you can stay on top of your fleet safety and access the necessary material when needed. The Live Stream option of accessing materials straight from the Dashboard, saving time on navigating between tabs, is the best part of it!

Videos on request

Users can select the time frame they need in the event of an accident. This is incredibly useful and important in terms of safety, particularly in situations involving traffic accidents. In addition, video records are frequently requested by insurance companies. Having access to this helps to significantly reduce insurance premiums costs.

Get notified about risky driving instantly and prevent accidents

XELD Dashcam sophisticated alerts system immediately detects and notifies the users once an unwanted event such as distracted driving happens. Alarms include the following: Hard Acceleration, Hard Deceleration, Forward Collision Warning, Tailgating, Phone Usage, Smoking, Yawing, and Distracted Driving. Users will be alerted as soon as any risky event happens, and that information gets automatically saved with all the important details (date/time, vehicle ID, camera S/N, alarm kind, severity, and location).

Exonerate your drivers

Using XELD AI Dashcam will provide the necessary video evidence that can prove the innocence of your drivers if an accident happens. In this way, you will always have your drivers' back and build the necessary trust a fleet has to have.

Lower the insurance prices and save money

By having videos as proof of what happened during an accident, you will spend less money on insurance. Some insurance companies may provide a discount if you install dashcams in your vehicles. Since it has no effect on the dashcam monthly subscription rate, the required camera material can be played and/or downloaded directly from the app for free.